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Microfiber Cloth

Microfiber Cloth is more efficient and durable than traditional cleaning cloths as well as providing bacteria resistance and lower processing costs. These microfiber cleaning towels provide the best qualities for dusting and general use cleaning. The towels are 16" X 16" in size and are produced from microfiber split-fiber fabric containing an 80/20 blend and 300 gsm specification. This is a terry type of fabric with a surface pile for grabbing and holding dirt and dust or for absorbing liquids. These microfiber cloths are sold in individual units or in Bulk cases of 204 cloths per case.  Pricing is per individual cloth at $.79/cloth or per bulk case at $.66/cloth.
Microfiber Glass Cloths

Microfiber Glass Cloths comes in a easy to handle size and is constructed from a closed-pile dimple textured microfiber fabric for perfect streak free glass cleaning.  This cloth contains small ridges without surface fiber and also makes a great abrasion cloth for scrubbing soiled areas.  Available in colors of Yellow, Green, Blue and Red.
Terry Microfiber Cloths-12 x 12 Size

Microfiber cloths are more efficient and durable then traditional cleaning cloths. This Microfiber cleaning cloth has a plush surface pile which is the quality needed for attracting and holding dust and for absorbency.  These Terry Microfiber Cloths are 12 x 12 in size and produced from a 80/20 split microfiber blend at a 300gsm weight specification. With our Wholesale Microfiber Cloth distribution these microfiber cloths are available in bulk quanitites or per dozen Microfiber Cloths. Our Bulk Microfiber Cloths are packaged 300 microfiber cloths per case. There is no minimum order when ordering microfiber cloths by the dozen.
Economy Microfiber Cloths

Our economy microfiber cloths are best used in applications where a good microfiber cloth is important and the life expectancy is several hundred processing but less than full weight microfiber cloths. Many applications require microfiber cloth qualities but the life cycle of the cloth is expected to be lower than the life expectancy of normal microfiber cloths due to theft loss, damaging conditions and other varying circumstances. These microfiber cloths are produced from a 230gsm 80/20 blend microfiber material and are 12 x 12 in size specification. These are the lowest cost microfiber cloths we have to offer and are a great value if your life expectancy of the cloth is less than several hundred launderings. These cloths are offered by the dozen or in bulk cases of 300 cloths per case for maximum savings.
Microfiber Waffle Weave Glass Cleaning Cloth

Our waffle weave microfiber cloth is a 270gsm 80/20 blend closed loop cloth designed for glass cleaning applications. The waffle type weave allows for some abrasion in the glass cleaning process, for easy use and effective non-streaking results.
Microfiber Glass Cleaning Cloth
Microfiber Glass Cleaning Cloth

Our Smooth Microfiber Glass Cleaning Cloth is constructed with 80/20 microfiber blend.  This cloth provides a spotless and streak free finish on glass.
Microfiber Cloth

Microfiber Cloth is specially constructed with an 80/20 terry microfiber yarn blend on one side and a vinyl loop on the other.  These combinations allow the cloth to be absorbent while providing the most abrasive cleaning cloth on the market.  This cloth comes in a 12" x 12" easy to handle size and three colors: Blue, Green and Red.  Sold in individual units or in bulk cases of 240 cloths per case.
scrub cloth

Our microfiber scrub cloths are constructed with a 80/20 poly/nylon microfiber split fiber yarn that is knitted into a double sided mesh fabric which is interlocked in the center to prevent separation.  The mesh type construction allows for more abrasion with less effort required than when you use a less aggressive cloth.
Microfiber Bar Towel

Microfiber Bar Towel (also know as Bar Mops) are produced with a 80/20 split Microfiber blend. This product is produced with 100% synthetic fibers with superior properties. Comparing Microfiber cloths with cotton cloths you will find the following advantages: More bacteria resistant, more energy efficient to process, more absorbent in use requiring no prep time, and more durable with approximately 10 times the life expectancy depending on use conditions. Each cloth is approximately 15 x 17 in size and weighs 46 grams or 19oz - 20oz per dozen, and includes a color coded stripe approximately wide in the center of the cloth. The soft surface pile is produced with a double-sided ribbed knit pattern for additional abrasion without scratching surfaces.

These cloths can be ordered with a permanent property marked corner print (black ink only) that is produced with a sublimated ink printing process. Minimum orders for property marking is 100 cloths and the price includes the cloth, printing and transportation for delivery. For printed orders artwork must be emailed to in either PDF, JPEG or TIF formats, at the time of the order. Normal processing time for print orders is 3-5 days. Our operation is set up to do corner prints only as you see in the picture and are approximately 3 x 4 in size. We can provide a no-charge sample prior to printing to any commercial organizations upon request.
Microfiber Screen Printed Cloths

These are our screen printed custom logo microfiber cloths. These printed cloths are very durable and make a great advertising tool or ideal for rally organizations. Printing can be done on any of our Microfiber Terry cloths, Microfiber Textured Glass Cloths, Microfiber Suede Cloths or Microfiber Smooth Glass Cloths. We print one color logo's with the basic ink color choices of Black, White, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Purple, and Orange.
Suede Microfiber Cloth
Suede Microfiber Cloth

These Suede Microfiber Cloths are produced with a brushed surface pile giving them a soft chamois feel. This type of cloth does an excellent job polishing, dusting, glass cleaning or general purpose applications where you want a soft cloth that will reduce the potential to scratch delicate surfaces while cleaning. This cloth is available in a 16" x 16" size and two colors. This cloth is a closed weave cloth with a brushed surface pile and will hold up to hundreds of launderings.
Microfiber Cloths Printed

Direct Mop Sales, Inc. offers custom logo printed microfiber cloths, which are excellent for business promotional purposes, property identification and use identification. We can provide high quality printing on any of our microfiber terry cloths or microfiber glass cloths. Our printing utilizes a sublimated ink process which allows for a lot of detail and  the printing becomes part of the cloth. This type of printing will not scratch surfaces like other types of property marking. The printing and cloths are very durable and will hold up to hundreds of processings and are resistant to most chemicals.
Pricing includes the cloth, printing and delivery and is $1.10 each with logo printed on microfiber terry cloths and $1.25 each with logo printed on microfiber glass cloths. Lead time for printing is typically 3-5 working days. Due to the custom nature of printed cloths all orders are handled by email at or phone to 866-475-8667.

2-man car drying towel
30" x 80" Gray Microfiber 2-man Car Drying Towel

This Gray Microfiber car drying towel is produced from an 80/20 microfiber blend and 300 gsm weight specification. The size of the towel is approximately 30" wide x 80" long. This towel is designed for two people to quickly dry the top side of vehicles by stretching it and pulling it over front, top and rear of the vehicle. This towel allows you to dry those hard to reach areas easily and safely. The edges of the towel are finished and the towel will hold up to hundreds of launderings. The gray color will hide residual soils leaving this towel looking new longer. Quantity and price are per each car towel.
Microfiber Terry Fluffy Cloth

Our microfiber fluffy cloth is available in Blue color and is produced with a high-profile surface pile of cut-end terry microfibers with an 80/20 split fiber blend. The surface pile is high and allows for great dust pick up and retention of dust located in tight areas that normal cloths can not reach. These cloths are 16 x 16 is size and will hold up to hundreds of launderings. Sold in individual units with no minimum order quantity or in Bulk case quantities of 180 cloths per case.
Disposable Microfiber Cloth
Disposable Microfiber Cloth

Our White Non-Woven microfiber cloth is approximately 14 x 16 in size, is durable and reuseable for hundreds of processings of either machine washing and air drying, or sink washing and air drying. The material is a non-woven cloth produced with microfiber filaments. Works great on virtually any surface by simply wetting it with water, wring it out and start cleaning. This absorbent cloth is also an excellent option for cleaning situations that require a disposable product, where blood or other hazardous contaminants are present or where processing equipment is not available.