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Close-Out Items

Reclaimed Wet Mops

Reclaim Renegade Wet Mops

Made with recycled polyester and rayon fibers, the Reclaim Renegade is an eco-friendly, extremely absorbent cut end wet mop choice. Poly/Rayon yarns are more absorbent than cotton cut end yarns, making general cleaning and spill clean ups quicker and more efficient.

Gold Shammy

Gold Shammy 15" x 27"

This is a great shammy for cleaning, polishing and is super absorbant. It is soft and will not scratch delicate surfaces. The shammy weight is approximately 80 grams per piece and will hold 5 times its weight in water. This size cloth (15" x 27") allows it to be used as a one piece cleaning tool or to be cut to size to fit Swiffer type mop units.

Closeout Microfiber Wet Mops

Microfiber String Yarn Wet Mops

These small 4ply microfiber string yarn wet mops are a great alternative to traditional cotton/synthetic blend wet mops. Microfiber filament yarn twisted into traditional style mop strands offers users all the increased absorbency, bacteria resistance, and cleaning performance, associated with professional microfiber cleaning products.

White Microfiber Sponges - 12 Pack

Consisting of a 1 thick sponge with a white 300gsm microfiber sewn cover, this product will be a great addition to any user. The cut-pile microfiber cover is designed to lift and remove dirt and debris. Great for household or vehicle use.

Microfiber Terry Cloths - Brown 12"x12" 300gsm

Microfiber cloths are more efficient and durable then traditional cleaning cloths. These Microfiber cleaning cloths contain a plush surface pile which is the quality needed for attracting and holding dust and for absorbency.