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Closeout - Cut-End Wet Mops

Microfiber Cut-end Wet Mop - These Microfiber Cut-End Wet Mops are produced from microfiber terry fabric cut to length and sewn with a 1 1/4" Headband. These mops are perfect for applications where a disposable but high-quality durable material is desired. Several advantages of this product as compared to traditional cotton blended cut-end wet mops are no break-in period, superior absorbency in speed and capacity and the floor will dry faster. The size of these wet mops would be compared to a #24 cotton cut-end wet mop.

Cut-End Rayon Wet Mops - Rayon blended yarns are superior in absorbency and do not require a break-in period. Rayon yarn is also more bleach resistant and mildew resistant than cotton yarns. Rayon yarn can be used effectively for all wet mopping applications. Cut-end style wet mops are not machine launderable and are recommended for general purpose wet mopping as a superior option as compared to cotton cut-end wet mops.

Gray Cut-End Wet Mops - These full weight high-quality cut-end wet mops are made to the same specifications as all of our standard line cut-end wet mops and contain an excellent blend of high-quality fibers for the best product efficiency and service life of the mops. The gray color will keep the mop looking newer longer.

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