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Microfiber Cloths - Fluffy

Our microfiber fluffy cloth is available in Blue color and is produced with a high-profile surface pile of cut-end terry microfibers with an 80/20 split fiber blend. The surface pile is high and allows for great dust pick up and retention of dust located in tight areas that normal cloths can not reach. These cloths are 16 x 16 is size and will hold up to hundreds of launderings. Pricing is per dozen cloths at $1.50/cloth or in bulk cases of 180 cloths per case at $1.35/cloth.
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Microfiber Cloth | Fluffy | Dozen
DOZEN 16" x 16" BLUE FLUFFY Microfiber TERRY Cloths

Our Price: 18.00
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Microfiber Cloth | Fluffy | Bulk
BULK CASE (180/CS) 16" X 16" BLUE FLUFFY Microfiber TERRY Cloths

Our Price: 243.00
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