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Wedge Dust Mop: These are great dusting tools because the heads are designed to swivel forwards or backwards 180 degrees allowing them to lay flat on floors, walls, and ceilings in the dusting process. The triangle design was specifically constructed to allow yarn ends to reach tight corners to pick up and remove soil. These triangle dust mops are produced with a professional-grade blended yarn for maximum dirt, dust, and debris pick-up.These can be laundered close to 70 times, depending on use conditions, and require less than of the energy to wash and dry the dust mop compared to cut-end cotton mop yarns. No treatment is necessary with the use of this dust mop.
Handles: 40 long when collapsed and 70 long when fully extended. Includes a hanging closure on the end of the handle for easy compact storage or to attach to a janitor cart for transport. Handles twist to lock or unlock and can be extended to the desired length once the handle is in the unlock position.

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