Direct Mop Sales, Inc.
DMSI supplying a full product line of wet mops, dust mops, microfiber dust mops and dust control products.

Welcome to Direct Mop Sales Inc. also known as DMSI.

DMSI is a distribution partnership between the owners of DMSI and several offshore manufacturing companies. After nearly 30 years in the mop manufacturing industry the owners of DMSI faced the exodus of the textile industry from the U.S. and went offshore to partner with several manufacturing operations to produce industrial cleaning products. This necessity to go offshore to produce mops and other cleaning products has hit nearly every mop manufacturing company in the U.S. including the biggest brand name companies. Mop companies in the U.S. used to be manufacturers and now for the most part they are distributors. Where we differ from these other companies is that we do not brand our products, except with our customerís brand when they want, and we bring products straight to the market in the most cost effective manner possible.

DMSI is centrally located in the U.S., which allows for efficient and cost effective distribution of our products anywhere in the country. We are hopeful that you will take a little time to evaluate our company and our policies. You will find that we are easy to do business with and our product offering will provide you with the best possible products at the lowest possible costs. We appreciate your interest and we look forward to serving your needs.