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Carpet Bonnet Pads

Our carpet bonnet pads are designed to mount on low-speed rotary machines. We carry sizes ranging from 8" stair bonnets to large 21" bonnet pads. All are double-sided for extended use. A variety of yarn blends are available in these carpet bonnet pads, including microfiber, cotton, rayon, and synthetic blends all with different characteristics for scrubbing, low-profile and high-profile.

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17" Nylon White Carpet Bonnet 17" - Nylon White Bonnet


Current Price $12.00
19" Nylon White Carpet Bonnet 19" - Nylon White Bonnet


Current Price $14.00
21" Nylon White Carpet Bonnet 21" - Nylon White Bonnet


Current Price $16.00
<!b><strong>EACH 15"</strong> High Profile Cotton Carpet Bonnets EACH 15" High Profile Cotton Carpet Bonnets


Current Price $13.00
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