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Dust Mop

Dust Mop: This product is industrial laundry grade and designed with superior performance and durability properties. Colored mops contain a synthetic yarn blend, and white mops contain a cotton yarn blend. These closed-loop mop yarns allow for repeated laundering without wear. This yarn will reduce the fire hazards associated with the drying of cut-end cotton yarns. The efficiency in the washing and drying these dust mops will be 1/2 of what is required by most other mops. This Dust Mop allows for superior dust pick-up and retention and eliminates the need for mop treatment. The Dust Mop includes tie tapes to attach to the mop frame. Netting is not required for laundering this mop. These dust mops are 5" wide, and we carry these in white, blue, green, orange, yellow, red, and purple. Click here to view our compatible dust mop handle and frame options.

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