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Microfiber Mop Pads

Microfiber Wet Mop Pads

These are very effective cleaning tools and can be used wet or dry.

Economy Microfiber Wet/Dry Mop Pads

These pads are slightly lighter in weight, containing a slightly thinner inner sponge than our standard looped pile microfiber wet mop pads.

Healthcare Microfiber Mops

These are specifically designed for sanitation mopping.

Microfiber Hook and Loop Mops

These are constructed with an 80/20 microfiber cut-pile yarn blend to provide superior dust/soil pick up & retention.

Microfiber Scrub Pads

These are constructed with an 80/20 microfiber yarn blend and looped-pile polypropylene scrubbing strips for aggressive abrasive action.

Microfiber Dust Mop Pads

These are constructed with an 80/20 microfiber yarn blend and contain a soft microfiber fringe yarn for added dust attraction and containment.

Microfiber Mops - Color Coded

These are made with an 80/20 microfiber split fiber yarn blend and is designed to be used both wet and dry. They contain scrubbing strips for added abrasion.

Disposable Microfiber Mop Pads

Disposable microfiber pads are a great choice for hospitals, schools, or industrial situations where you don't want to launder the particles being picked up. Designed using an 80/20 blend woven microfiber material for superior absorbency and dirt/dust pick up.

Flawless Clean Microfiber Mop Pads

These Striped cleaning pads in blue and green color are constructed with an 80/20 blend microfiber material. Comparable to pads that may already be in your system, at a more affordable price.

Microfiber Closed Loop Mesh Pocket Mops

This pocket mop will out-perform all other pocket mops on the market. We believe this new generation of microfiber pocket mop will soon become the industry standard in which all other pocket mops are measured.

Microfiber Finish Mop Pads

These are constructed with all synthetic microfiber yarns to allow for a more even and smooth finish.

True 18" Microfiber Finish Pads

This Gray Microfiber pad is made to an exact 18" length to be used laying floor finish, concrete stain, or hardeners.

Microfiber Mop Handles & Microfiber Mop Frames

This includes all hardware associated with Microfiber Mop Pads: Telescopic Mop Handles, Microfiber Mop Frames - Channel Style, Microfiber Mop Frames - Flat Style and Microfiber Mop Recharging Buckets.