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Close-Out Items

Microfiber Terry Cloths 12" x 12" 300gsm Brown

Microfiber cloths are more efficient and durable then traditional cleaning cloths. These Microfiber cleaning cloths contain a plush surface pile which is the quality needed for attracting and holding dust.

General Purpose Wet Mops

Made with recycled polyester and rayon fibers, this general purpose wet mop is eco friendly, extremely absorbent cut end wet mop choice. Poly/Rayon yarns are more absorbent than cotton cut end yarns, making general cleaning and spill clean ups quicker and more efficient.

Microfiber Sponges

Produced with a high quality absorbent sponge center that is sewn between an 80/20 blend twisted closed loop pile microfiber knitted fabric for enhanced cleaning. This is a soft non-abrasive microfiber sponge designed for gentle effective cleaning.

Microfiber String Yarn Mops

These small 4ply microfiber string yarn wet mops are a great alternative to traditional cotton/synthetic blend wet mops.