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Dust Mops

We offer the highest quality dust mops for commercial use. Our closed-loop industrial style dry mops are one of the most popular traditional blend dust mops in the market. We supply these in seven different colors for your 5S color-coding system. We offer two other styles of microfiber dry mops, giving you a great option no matter what your commercial business needs are. Check out our complete dust mop kits, including the handles and frames, to make ordering easier. With our products, you'll find we give you the best possible value by offering you a high-performing dust mop at the lowest possible price.

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Dust Mop Head | Wedge White WHITE WEDGE MOP HEAD


Current Price $2.70
Dust Mop Head | Wedge Blue BLUE WEDGE MOP HEAD


Current Price $2.70
Dust Mop | Wedge Handle/Frame WEDGE MOP HANDLE & FRAME COMBO


Current Price $9.03
Dust Mop Frame | 18" 5" X 18" DUST MOP FRAME


Current Price $2.76
Dust Mop Frame | 24" 5" X 24" DUST MOP FRAME


Current Price $2.99
Dust Mop Frame | 36" 5" X 36" DUST MOP FRAME


Current Price $3.91
Dust Mop Frame | 48" 5" X 48" DUST MOP FRAME


Current Price $6.33
Dust Mop Frame | 60" 5" X 60" DUST MOP FRAME


Current Price $7.71