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Dust Mops

We carry Dust Mops in a variety of types, colors and sizes to meet your dust mopping needs. Each type of dust mop offered is manufactured for superior performance and durability. No matter what type of facility or floor type you are cleaning we have the best dust mop products and supporting dust mop hardware to meet your needs. The selections here are all dust mops sewn in traditional styles and we also offer Microfiber Hook and Loop Dust Mop Pads in the Microfiber Mop Pad section of the website.

Dust Mop

Dust Mop: These are industrial laundry grade & designed with superior performance and durability properties.

Industrial Microfiber Closed Loop Dust Mop

These microfiber dust mops are some of the most durable energy efficient dust mop products you will ever find. Constructed with microfiber yarn that contains loops which are twisted closed for maximum dirt and dust pick up and retention along with more durability.

Microfiber Dust Mops

Microfiber Dust Mops are constructed with 100% continuous filament lintless microfiber yarn and can cover much greater surface areas than microfiber pads making them more efficient and more effective.

Disposable Dust Mops

Disposable Dust Mops are the best economic choice where you do not have processing capabilities. Designed with a heavy non-woven backing and bottom center row of yarn for additional dust pick up capabilities.

Wedge Dust Mops

Wedge Dust Mops are designed for use in those hard to reach areas and when you want to remove dust above floor level, tight corners or in floor areas with obstructions.

Dust Mop Kits - Closed Loop Industrial

Dust Mop Kits - Closed Loop Industrial: These Kits are bundled with (2)Dust Mops - Closed Loop Industrial, (1)Dust Mop Frame & (1)Dust Mop Handle.

Dust Mop Handles

Dust Mop Handles: Handle clips are produced with the heaviest metal in the industry for a trouble free service life.

Dust Mop Frames

Dust Mop Frames: All frames we carry are 1/4" steel wire with a corrosion resistant coating.