Selecting the right dust mop and taking care of it

Selecting the right dust mop and taking care of it

What is the difference between microfiber and cotton?
The main difference is microfiber is produced with smaller fibers than cotton. The fibers in microfiber are about one-third the diameter of cotton fibers. The smaller fibers allow microfiber to do a better job picking up and retaining dirt/debris, whereas cotton pushes dirt/debris. With microfiber products, you can expect more absorbency, efficiency, longer-lasting, and lint-free, along with a higher upfront cost. You can expect a lower upfront cost and a reasonably efficient cleaning product with a cotton product.

What is the reason to keep an inventory with a variety of colors?
Feel free to refer to our knowledge base article on color-coding systems and why they are so helpful. With a color-coding system, you can provide your clients with a cleaning system that prevents cross-contamination and helps control infectious diseases. While also helping your employees distinguish between tasks, jobs, and departments.

What are the best floors to use these dust mops on?
In most cases, we recommend our closed-loop industrial dust mop; these are the most popular dust mops in the market today. Produced with a synthetic yarn blend, they are good on nearly all types of flooring, including but not limited to tile, rock, ceramic, hardwood, concrete, resin, and vinyl. We also carry our industrial microfiber twisted closed-loop dust mops. These are ideal for smooth flooring without any ridges or textures, such as a gym floor or laminate.
How frequently should dust mops be washed?
Though we carry disposable dust mops for when laundering is not an option, most of our dry/dust mops can be machine washed several hundred times. Netting is also not required with most of our dust mop styles we offer. They should be laundered after each use to clean and sterilize them for the next cleaning application removing any dirt/debris they've picked up.

Hopefully this guide has helped you select the right dust mops for your system. You can view our complete dust mop inventory here.

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